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Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Alliance, NFP helping you find your own pathways to family wellness and trauma recovery

About Us

Our Mission

A community outreach support & prevention organization guiding pathways to family wellness and life empowerment.  Butterfly Dreams Alliance, NFP, an all-volunteer, not-for-profit corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes and operating within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse, violence, addictions and human trafficking in our communities by providing advocate resources, educational programs and hands-on assistance to victims, their families and the general public. 

Our mission- To provide a Kids & Family Safe Zone.

 A resource educating youth & family in prevention or intervention of violence, addictions, abuse, and human trafficking. 

A resource of empowerment for community involvement. 

A resource of intervention to bring your family unit stronger together. 

A resource of help & support when you feel like you have no one. 

Learning together about the life affecting traumas passed through generations.

Our Focus

Butterfly Teens Peer Group - 

Connecting with youth to discuss and resolve issues revolving around inequality, avoiding negative influences, peer support, bullying, substance abuse, family or social relationships 

Butterfly World  - 

A safe confidential group meeting for those suffering with addictions, depression, anxiety, chronic injuries, parenting or life skills challenges related to past or present trauma.

Parent & Community 

Providing awareness & prevention discussions to empower healthcare, educators, first responders, neighbors and family to aid in understanding the dynamics of various types of harm, distress, enslavement, and trauma behavior we see in rural communities.

It always takes a team!!!

We start with one heart, one voice, one desire to create something stronger and safer for another. Hand by hand, heart by heart, voice by voice we see peace and wellness for those in our closest circle. As we each become more aware our communities become a more equal society for everyone.


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If you need assistance or more information 

Butterfly Dreams Teens Meet Up

Survivors World Support Group

 or to arrange a presentation

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Butterfly Dreams Alliance, NFP

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Teen Peer Empowerment & Adult Survivor Support

Survivors World Group - Wednesday's 7pm - Bi-Weekly

Butterfly Teens Peer Group - Thursday's 4:30pm - Bi-weekly 

 If you need a resource or to find 24/7 support 'Resources & More' 

If you'd like to find help or connect with an Adult Survivor in your area - http://www.NAASCA.org for complete listing of hotline numbers & inspiring adult survivors across the country.