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Combatting abuse, violence, sexual harm & human trafficking

Family/Relationship Violence


Every human being as a Right to be Safe

 A few warning signs of abuse or harm

1) Jumping into action the moment their abuser makes a request.

2) Kept on a very restricted financial allowance for household needs, clothing, household needs, children or school necessities.

3) They may reject or avoid any phone calls or time alone with you

4) Often show changes in behavioral, clothing, or hair style habits.

5) Often refrain from voicing any opinion or thought during discussions


6) Easily startled or may even cower when someone reaches for them

7) They may receive or make constant check in calls or text messages

8) They commonly demonstrate panic if things are not kept in perfect order, including all schedules, keeping children quiet; avoiding any disruptions that could set off an attack


Relationship Rights are Human Rights

 1) You have the right to seek your own goals and achieve them.​

​2) You have the right to be safe in your home.

​3) You have the right to speak your voice without fear of attack.

​4) You must believe in your own independence

5) You can​ find the strength to escape and be free!!

      Wake Up Today and Chase After Your Tomorrow!! 

Asking for help is often the most difficult step

 It is when we finally break through the barriers of our abuser's enforced & threatened silence, that we can begin to heal. The first time is very difficult. Victims and Survivors take a huge risk in asking for help. They face societal judgments, doubts of ability in their professional career, their friendships, love relationships, and even questions of their sanity. If you or someone you know has suffered these traumatic attacks and painful memories, please use your greatest tool to take back control over your life; please use your voice. I have learned the hard way, through addictions, attempted suicide, and emotional breakdowns; the only way to actually heal is to talk with someone you trust. The more often you are able to break down those walls built of fear & silence, the more powerful you will become. You will feel confident again and in this rebuilding you will begin to find your true inner self and escape their nightmare of trained behaviors, which they have beaten or terrorized into you. 

​​​​Helpful information to end repetitive patterns of violent situations:
It's way too easy to become prey for another abuser, because of the emotional wounding from the previous abuse. It's common to feel 'trained' and that this is 'what you deserve'. Abusive person's can see these traits in us and know just by the way you carry yourself if you are someone they can overpower. Remember they look for these types of persons; the one's who walk trapped inside shame & fear. An abuser cannot tolerate a strong personality, they cannot be with someone whom they cannot manipulate & control. 

Signs an abusive person looks for in their next victim:
1) Lack of Self Confidence, slumped sunken posture rather than a strong confident nature
2) Quiet about sharing thoughts and opinions, afraid others will say they're 'stupid'
3) Stepping out of the way for others, standing in the shadows
4) Submissive in nature to avoid confrontation for fear of being harmed or disappointing anyone. 
​ Protect yourself and your value as a human being. The only person who has control over your dreams is you. When you believe in your ability, take the steps to achieve your dreams; then your transformation will take form and you will become an incredible new butterfly!!!

         ~~'Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation of life'​​ ~~
​trish mcknight 

A few important facts & stats


  1. · In 2014, almost 65,800 intimate violence incidents were reported to Illinois law enforcement. Many others went unreported.
  2. · In between July 2013 and June 2014, there were 84 domestic violence-related deaths in Illinois, including 15 children.
  3. · Threats with weapons increases risk of Partner Homicide by 500%
  4. · 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States have experienced some form of physical violence
  5. · 1 in 3 high school students experience physical or sexual violence, or both, by someone they are dating
  6. · National Domestic Violence Hotline receives 21,000 calls per day; approximately 15 calls per minute

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