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Combatting abuse, violence, sexual harm & human trafficking

Impact of Trauma


Family Development & Trauma


What we most commonly think of when we perceive ‘FAMILY’?

  • Positivity
  • Support
  • Love
  • Respect

This provides healthy development of self identity; likes, dislikes, personality, social interactions, focus, ambition, maturity, responsibility and accountability.

Family trauma affects how we develop as human beings. It influences the respect we hold for the life of another. It influences how we value another person, but most important; this type of trauma is the most destructive. If our homes aren't healthy and equal then how will our children learn to grow as healthy and respectful human beings. 

Trauma Affect on Children & Teens


Did you know; traumatic events cause Frontal Lobe Brain Impairments? These changes can begin during infancy, even while still in the womb. These changes cause irrational emotions, learning problems, decision making; reflecting in life choices and behaviors. The longer and more repetitive the trauma, the more changes and challenges that child is likely to have. It's important as medical professionals, educators, law enforcement, neighbors and family that we intervene early to heal the family as a whole. If we do not recognize the signs of trauma, then we are unable to assist in life skills and growth development for the wellbeing of everyone involved. 

*National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Publications available in Psychology Today - Research is finding 1 in 10 ADD/ADHD is actually Early Onset PTSD which young minds cannot express or recognize

Early Childhood through Teens - Behaviors & Distortions

  • Heightened attention to responses of others
  • Following directions to exact, until told to do otherwise; Submissive personality
  • Complaints of muscle pain, headaches, genital soreness, regular stomach aches
  • Signs of stress or fear
  • Inappropriate Sexual Knowledge vs. Age
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Self-harm; cutting, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol use
  • Lack of healthy hygiene, medical & dental care
  • Lack of interest in certain people, places, things
  • Lack of healthy development in social & personal relationships
  • Increases in probable street or gang crime, violence, runaways-throwaway children, behavioral mistreatment of others, improper sexual activity, high risk personality traits

Trauma Effects on Adult Survivors


**Six of the top leading national resources have more than a decade of research confirming the emotional/mental health development as a result of these environments;  Center for Disease; National Domestic Violence Hotline Network; National Child Traumatic Stress Network; National PTSD.gov; National Institute of Mental Health; National Institute of Health


Adult Survivors - A direct path of connection to:

  • Permanent injury
  • Depression
  • Lower level of education 
  • Insufficient sustainable income
  • Decrease in career success
  • Suicide
  • Parenting challenges
  • Distorted personal value
  • Complex post traumatic stress
  • Emotional/mental health challenges
  • Addiction disorders
  • Early disability, state assistance
  • Illnesses, injury, chronic fatigue (Fibromyalgia, Concussion Syndrome, Heart or Kidney Disease)

The end game of trauma


Traumatic Experiences;  Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Family Violence, Trafficking and/or Servitude 

  • NIJ - Approx. 85% of incarcerated persons were child victims 
  • NIDA - Approx. 87% of drug & alcohol addictions caused by trauma as young victims.
  • NIH - Approx. 80% of chronic health illness related to extreme stress or direct injury from ongoing family harm  (FIBROMYALGIA* CONCUSSION SYNDROME * CHRONIC PAIN)
  • CDC & National PTSD reveal extreme ongoing trauma from early childhood thru teens; comparative to Concentration Camp Survivors
  • Taxpayer burden results in cumulative $150 Billion every year in assistance and recovery.

Available presentations;

"Trauma Care Response - A survivors journey' - https://1drv.ms/p/s!Asig5Gg0weyVo01N43cvo-JuWvnf

"The Beginning Steps of Human Trafficking' - https://1drv.ms/p/s!Asig5Gg0weyVo04oX6f-mF02vI25

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