Our First Year & Goals for 2019

62230, Breese, Illinois, United States

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Combatting abuse, violence, sexual harm & human trafficking

Our Focus


Youth & Community

Community Teen Partners Program - Inspiring positive life goal skills for high school teens - 'Teen Compass Wellness Notebook' in collaboration with area Community Services

Parental Rebuilding & Support

Wellness & Life Skills

Safe & Respectful Relationships

Community Empowerment 


Addiction & Rebuilding

Coping Strategies & Goal Achievement

One to one support & community awareness to prevent bullying, abuse, sexual harm and/or human trafficking

A View from the Inside - Community Presentation

Our presentation has been given as half hour, one hour, or in two day workshop since October 2015.

Howlett Building, Springfield Illinois

Hoyleton Direct Care Facility, Hoyleton Illinois

U of I Springfield, ECCE Fall Speaker Series

Hoyleton Foster Parent Program, East St Louis

Lindenwood University, Belleville

Carlyle Rotary Club 

St Dominic Church; North - Central Vicariate

Martha's Circle - Carlyle Methodist Church

IAHCE State Conference

IAHCE, Christian County

Youth Empowerment & Adults of Traumatic Events Bi-weekly Meetings

Our highly qualified and passionate team has created a platform to inspire our youth to be vigilant in our community safety. We want to empower those in the rural communities to understand how our neighborhoods and families can grow stronger together. 

Community Teen Partners - Freshman thru Seniors

Survivors World - Recovery & Rebuilding

Contact us for help or information

If you have experienced some form of Traumatic Event, it is likely there are internal ramifications which you, or someone you know, may be having difficulty in handling. If so, contact us - trish@butterflydreamsalliance.org

If you want six years of research and direct assistance experience. If you want to see how our youth can change the path of our negative human choices and behaviors. If you want to help your family, or empower your community, please contact us for support, guidance, or prevention expertise. 

Email direct - trish@butterflydreamsalliance.org

The Beginning Steps of Human Trafficking

Rural communities do not have the same form of human trafficking as what we commonly perceive exists in urban environments. In small rural areas it is more hidden, usually involves trafficking (sharing) a preteen or young teen, and is committed by someone who has immediate control or influence over these victims. Rural areas are also more likely to have trafficking in migrant workers on area farms, sometimes without the farm owners knowledge. There are many beginning signs of distress, which without intervention leave many young persons at high-risk of being exploited or trafficked.

'The Beginning Steps of Human Trafficking' shares facts, stats, warning signs, and intervention skills for family and friends. Please email us for more information or if you need to locate a specific resource of help.